10 Memorable Things From Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto V is exploding in sales and the online that came out yesterday is one of the most anticipated online modes of all time. While we wait why not remember our last visit to Los Santos. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas came out at the end of the PS2’s lifespan and was a game that promised an open world like we had never seen before. We certainly got that with a map that took 15 minutes to travel from one side of the map to the other. So what are the ten things that stick out for us about San Andreas?

There are spoilers below and we left off Hot Coffee since that happened after the game had come out.


CJ you a Busta

Try and play Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and not remember this catchy slang spit from the mouth of Ryder. You and Ryder might go way back on Grove Street but the question of CJ’s gangster status is always in question by his old friend.


Learn to Fly CJ

Although we all wanted to fly planes and wreck havoc like we never could before, who wanted to do flight school? San Andreas’ flight school was notoriously difficult and was a pain to try and finish. The problem was that you needed to pass the school to progress in the game. So this meant a lot of calls from Mike Toreno harassing CJ about learning to fly until it was done.


The Jetpack

The Truth is a strange paranoid hippie you meet in the later half of the game. He has you burn his weed at one point but nothing tops him visiting you in your abandoned airfield wanting you to find the games version of Area 51. Your prize is an extremely controllable flight method we never saw coming but will never forget.


Visit to Liberty

We knew CJ had lived in Liberty City after leaving Los Santos but who knew we would return? The hitman mission to Liberty City is a cool, snowy adventure that wasn’t like finding out Kanto was in Pokemon Gold/Silver but it was a nice addition regardless.


Riding a bike

The feel of the bicycles in San Andreas were great and gave a unique feel that motorcycle couldn’t produce. You never used them much after the opening missions but like most things in Grand Theft Auto you had the option to.

Tow Trucks

So you beat the game, you collected everything possible but you still want to play San Andreas? If you knew about this glitch you would be grabbing tow trucks and starting a congo line. There was a way to just hook them together over and over making a huge convoy.


Cruising in the Woods

One of the brilliant aspects of San Andreas was the wide open space with nothing really in it. If you didn’t spend your time away from the city and missions to go joyriding on an ATV in the woods, or a pickup truck you were missing out on a lot of fun.


Flying Cars

One of the most popular cheats was to get your Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on and take to the skies in an automobile. The only drawback is if you spooked an NPC car they would speed off, lift off, and fly into oblivion. Actually that is still pretty awesome.



The phone rings, and don’t be too shocked that your territory is being taken over. This was the first time in the series we had seen the ability to control parts of the town where your crew would be flooding the streets. This is now a staple of sandbox games but only San Andreas had the territory constantly in jeopardy of being taken back


The Quiet Guy

When CJ is exiled to the boonies he meets Catalina, the same girl who shoots Claude at the beginning of Grand Theft Auto III. This is only topped by the fact you run into Claude again in a race, now with Catalina. The man doesn’t say much but we finally had a name to the nameless man from the first 3D GTA romp. After beating him you get his garage in San Fierro which is a major step towards CJ and pals finishing their journey.


Have your own memorable memory of San Andresas? Share it!

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