Battlefield 3 Review

Deploy and fight off the enemy in one of the most anticipated shooters this year.

A definite contender for this year’s game of the year, Battlefield 3 combines beautiful graphics with amazing gameplay and an intense story set in a not so far fetched war with the middle east.  You play the role of Sergeant Blackburn, a US Marine stationed in Iran when it all started.  In order to figure out what’s going on and the threat that America faces, you play through the missions that Blackburn and others experienced during the incident.

Throughout the story you’ll find yourself playing numerous characters of different backgrounds, along with plenty of opportunities to drive vehicles in addition to fighting on foot.  While the story is fun overall there are a few points at which the action seems either slow or repetitive.  These points rarely last more than a couple minutes, and the fun picks up again immediately afterwards.

The graphics in Battlefield 3 have been an ongoing discussion for a while, console gamers have expressed concern that their version of the game wouldn’t look as good as the PC version.  To remedy this problem, DICE gives console players the option of installing an HD texture pack which greatly enhances the look of the game.  But even without the pack, Battlefield 3 is still a masterpiece to behold.

Gunfire, explosions, and the sound of your fellow soldiers yelling at you.  All of it’s there, and the sound quality is nothing short of spectacular.  Combined with the breathtaking visuals of the game, the sounds of Battlefield 3 are enough to keep you on the edge of your seat.  You might want to turn down the volume though, when the action really picks up you might just go deaf from the sound of tanks firing across the field and oil tankers sending shrapnel in every direction.

Many players participated in the Battlefield 3 multiplayer beta earlier this month.  Changes made to the multiplayer experience are noticeable, and all of them enhance the gaming experience.  The maps are well designed, providing opportunities for every type of player to do well and have fun.  Whether you prefer long-range vehicle warfare or close range combat, every map has something that you will enjoy.  One map in particular takes advantage of the sky-diving ability in the game by allowing attackers to jump off a cliff in order to reach the objective down below.  Leveling has been changed slightly since the beta, making it easier for you to acquire the next tier in whatever kit you’re using, but at the same time making your overall level progression go slightly slower.  This is a great fix, as players in the beta had hit the max level in a couple of days.  DICE has also provided players with the chance to customize their characters aesthetic more than just in terms of their gear.  You can unlock new dog tags to display your Gamertag on, along with unlocking new camos for your character.  Players will be happy to hear that Battlefield 3 has dedicated servers, even on the console.

Cooperative play allows players to jump into the heat of battle with friends and take on missions against enemy AI. Through Co-Op you can unlock weapons to use in multiplayer.  If you don’t have any friends online you can always choose to be matched up with random players in Co-Op as well.  Because Co-Op levels are based on campaign missions, you’ll have to complete the campaign before being able to play every level in cooperative play.

Fans of Bad Company 2 or the other Battlefield games are sure to love Battlefield 3.  The intense gameplay, player and weapon customization options, and more are sure to keep gamers more than busy for the months, if not years to come. With the Return to Karkland expansion pack already announced, and much more to come down the road, there’s no reason not to pick up Battlefield 3 and jump into the fray.


  • Beautiful graphics
  • Well designed maps and levels
  • Great weapon and player customization


  • Menus can be slow at times
  • Minor glitches with movement and graphics
  • Sections of the campaign feel repetitive

Score: 5/5

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