Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage DLC Review


After the huge success of the game and its first DLC being well received, it seems Gearbox thought it would be a good idea to pump out one more before year’s end. This time, the expansion seems to be inspired by the Underdome Riot of the first game. However, don’t let that scare you off as it was actually done well this time.

Mr. Torgue has gathered a lot of people together from across Pandora to compete in a tournament to see who is the most badass (I’m not even kidding). To do this, you have to take down the top guys on the badass battle board. Your prize for doing this? You get to open up a new Vault that has been discovered and keep any loot inside. The fights with the top contenders all take place in Arena type environments but thankfully there are not a bunch of missions that are just “survive this many waves of Horde.” You actually only really do a horde mode type of thing at the very beginning, and even then its fun since it only last a couple rounds and isn’t dreadfully long like the Underdome.

During the DLC you will run into faces new and old. One of my favorite characters, Tiny Tina, makes a  return with a few missions for you along with Moxxi. Mr. Torgue, who has now gone down as one of my favorite characters in a game ever, is basically “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Along with the hilarity that that alone brings, he also swears like a sailor but is censored like crazy. The whole censoring deal just makes the insanity that he yells all the more entertaining, along with the fact that he’s a complete moron.

Enemy wise its pretty much the same thing that they did with the last DLC, same enemy types but with a new look. All of the bandits, marauders, etc. have joined gangs and follow different battle board leaders. Thankfully, each “gang” looks different so its not looking at the exact same bad guys the entire time. Also, for Raid Boss lovers there is even a new boss that I personally found to be even more annoying than Master Gee.

New in this DLC are both a type of currency and a type of  vending machine. Torgue Tokens, which you get from missions and from just killing enemies, allows you to purchase items from Torgue vending machines. The Torgue machines only carry Torgue weapons and ALWAYS have a Legendary Item for sale in the Item of the Day. There are also new heads within the machines if you are lucky.

While Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage doesn’t add in new vehicles like its predecessor, it doesn’t need to as its still very enjoyable. Gearbox took the concept behind the Underdome Riot and brought it to fruition. They built and entire story around the tournament idea and made it a full-fledged DLC, not just a crappy Circle of Slaughter hub. You can get a good 6 hours or more out of the DLC when you include the side quests. If you don’t mind the language, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage is definitely recommended.

  • New areas to explore
  • Mr. Torgue is hilarious
  • Fun boss fights and a new Raid Boss
  • Tiny Tina is back

  • I found a few bugs but none that really break gameplay or are too noticeable
  • If you are sensitive to strong language, this DLC is NOT for you
  • No new vehicles

Score: 4/5

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