Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons Review

Sit down, I have a story to tell.

A young kid kneels in front of a tombstone, he hears someone calling, this young man signals for help with the cart which carries an older man that seems very sick to a house in the mountains. This is how Brothers start, this adventure game by Starbreeze Studios puts you on the shoes of two brothers, but simultaneously. A very interesting note about the game is that there is nothing written, nothing voiced, nothing explained, everything seems either not explained or gibberish. The closest thing to an explanation you will ever get is a drawing of a tree an old man gives you, to save the man who is most likely your father.The game makes you imagine and try to figure out what is going on yourself, forcing your mind to weave its own particular tale.

Since you know nothing about the boys, it’s hard to connect with them, but even the controls are built to support on that matter, your left hand moves the older brother, the right moves the younger brother. Although at times you might get confused, this gives you the feeling that each part symbolizes the character perfectly.Brothers’ music and graphics are not that amazing, but the variety of environments you visit are amazing, a small village, ruins, mountains, a giant castle, a battlefield after the fight, frozen tundras, they are all pretty in their own way, and at first always quite interesting to look at.

It’s hard to comment on the story of the game, considering how it’s structured, but it is interesting and well made, to the point that even in it’s short length, you will be interested in what is going on. Unfortunately for Brothers, there is no reason to replay it, there is no other features, no replay value, that one time when you experience it will be delightful, the second seems pointless. It’s not a fun game per se, it will grip your attention, and you might be curious until the very end, but after that, you’ve already heard the story, and there are no more tales to tell.


  • Built in a very unique storytelling experience
  • Variety of interesting environments


  • Very short
  • No replay value


Score: 3/5

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