Dan and Anna will not be Included in this Street Fighter X Tekken

No room for Pink fighters and another hot assassin in Street Fighter x Tekken

According to series producer Yoshinori Ono, Street Fighter x Tekken’s Character Roster has been finalized. (Can we sneak a peak please?) Ono stated that the pink outfit wearing fighter, Dan Hibiki, “Won’t be in Street Fighter x Tekken” due to him being killed by a Tekken character last year at Comic-Con.

On Tekken side, Anna Williams will be staying on the sideline as well for some reason. “As much as I personally wanted to have a cool Nina and Anna tag battle,” he said, “the director was against putting Anna because we already had Nina in.” While we sincerely doubt that Dan is actually, for-reals dead, we can’t help but be saddened by the news. A Yoshimitsu Super-Taunt doesn’t seem like it would have the same flair, you know?

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