Doom & Destiny Review

The Scary Movie of JRPGs

Doom & Destiny is the fifth game in the Indie Games Summer Uprising, and the only RPG of the promotion (A JRPG to be more specific). While not a true JRPG, it borrows the style and look of them. It adds a comedic touch to what has always been very serious genre. Doom & Destiny is a parody, and it’s comedy is it’s only saving grace. Built on the RPG Maker engine, it brings a familiar look of NES rpgs, but adds a bloom after effect and is a nice detail.

Doom & Destiny is the tale of four friends who meet up on certain nights to delve into their favorite fantasy table top universe of Dungeons & Dragons. On their way to the Dungeon Masters house they discuss that the DM has a new game for them to play. Upon arrival at the DM’s house they notice he’s missing, and the basement now looks like a place of ritual, or sacrifice. A unfamiliar doorway has appeared and as the boys go in, they are transported into a world of fantasy and magic, much like their table top games. The four friends appear in a room and are told they have been selected to become heroes and save the princess, a story all too familiar.

The story for Doom & Destiny is boring and almost non-existent, it is clouded by all the jokes and satire. While it is comedic, and I did have a few laugh out loud moments, it made the story suffer.  References to The Legend Of Zelda seem like a played out joke, but still this game seems to make them funny. In one area of the map lies a complete recreation of the first few areas from The Legend of Zelda, and even a reference to “I AM ERROR” sporting a derp face from The Adventure of Link. The heroes also look at their situation as just a regular night of D&D often leading to sarcastic or fourth-wall breaking quips. Though at some points the jokes tried too hard and fell flat, like when enemies yell and text is purposely misspelled.

Doom & Destiny is a grind-fest, and is very challenging, all monsters are tough no matter what level you are, or what gear you have. I ran into monsters that would take huge chunks of my health, even if i was a higher level. Each spell or ability takes a massive amount of MP, and restoration items are hard to come by. Golz (currency) is even harder to come by, with each encounter rewarding you with 15-30 Golz. In order to buy restoration items, or gear you will have to farm and grind for hours on end. All this grinding proved be a waste when I tried to save, and once I re-launched the game I noticed that it didn’t register my save.

Doom & Destiny is a good parody, and is worth pushing through the grinding and boring story. The comedy is great and laugh out loud worthy. Getting through the game is a bit challenging, and straining and lack of plot doesn’t make it that much more exciting but the comedy keeps you going.  Priced at 240MS ($3) seems a bit steep for an indie game, but you do get about 10-11 hours of content, and good comedy.


  • Nice visuals
  • Great comedy
  • Lots of content for indie game


  • Boring and almost non-existent plot
  • Grind Fest
  • Difficult

Score: 3/5

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