Fallout: New Vegas – Lonesome Road DLC Review

Only one road remained, one that the Courier would walk alone.

Hinted at since the game’s release, Lonesome Road brings you face to face with Ulysses, a mysterious Courier who refused to take the job that led to you being shot in the head.  Originally planned as a companion, Ulysses was cut from the game and was instead remade into an important character that would be mentioned in each of the New Vegas DLCs.  Finally, after much anticipation, the wait is finally over.  The time to travel the Lonesome Road is now, and Ulysses will be waiting for you at the end of your journey.

Unlike the three previous DLCs, Lonesome Road does not come with an introductory slideshow.  Players immediately step through the canyon wreckage and into the Divide, a single quest pops up on screen “Reunion.”  In not providing a slideshow, Bethesda is able to keep players wondering about what will come next.  Fallout fans who played through the previous DLCs and paid attention to the mentions of Ulysses will have a general idea of where they are and what they can expect.

Lonesome Road is unlike any Fallout DLC thus far.  Players embark on a quest to learn not only about their character, but about what had transpired here.  Along the way you’ll encounter plenty of new enemies, and you’ll be given the tools necessary to dispose of them as quickly as you can.  While it might be the most linear of any Fallout DLC, there’s still an amazing amount of exploration to be done, and unlike other DLCs for New Vegas, you actually have the choice to return to the Mojave Wasteland should you so choose.  For anyone who experiences difficulty in fighting the Divide’s inhabitants, this allows you to return to your home base and stock up on whatever you need before continuing the journey.

The enemies of the Divide are the remnants of the events that took place in the storm-torn lands.  The twisted creatures you’ll encounter are unrelenting, and if you don’t watch your back and keep your distance you’ll find yourself dying quite a few times.  Take advantage of the new weapons available to you, they’re your best bets at taking out these foreign creatures.  The new weapons cover every skill type, unarmed, melee, energy weapons, explosives and guns.  This way no matter what your character build is you’ll be proficient with at least one of the weapons you find along the way.  In terms of armor, the DLC has plenty to offer, including several light and heavy armors.  A few of these armors are immediately familiar to players of New Vegas, but it’s obvious that like the region’s inhabitants, the Divide has changed the gear as well.

Previous DLCs such as Dead Money and Old World Blues suffered (only slightly) from having too much dialogue at the beginning of the adventures.  This isn’t the case in Lonesome Road however.  The lack of dialogue will constantly keep you wondering, and if nothing else, will make you wish that there was someone around to tell you what was going on.  Any contact from Ulysses is welcomed, as it proves the only way to learn about your surrounding for a while.  Ulysses proves to be an interesting character, although cryptic at times, which keeps the players hanging on his every word, analyzing it in order to try and make sense of everything.  It’s hard to tell what exactly he wants with you, and it only adds to the mysterious tone of the DLC.  Depending on your alliance, whether it be Legion or NCR, Ulysses has quite a few things to say about each of them.  To him neither are perfect, they’re both far from it.  Neither of them compare to what America was before the war.

Once Ulysses has made his intentions clear it’s up to you to find him.  Along the way you’ll learn about the past you share and his strange fascination with you.  You and him will have an ending to things, a meeting between two Couriers that will be remembered for years to come.  Your choices at the end of the road have the chance to affect the Mojave, and thus, the rest of your game.  There are numerous choices, and thus several different endings.  No matter your decision in the end, feel free to sit back and relax, it’s been a long journey, but it’s finally over.  Lonesome Road is by far the best Fallout DLC yet, adding tons of new weapons and gear, new combat scenarios, and a well-written story.  The way in which the tale ends makes it feel as though it had always been planned as one of the installments.   One possible complaint regarding the add-on is the lack of characters to speak with.  Aside from Ulysses and your companion, the only voices you’ll hear are that of pre-recorded Holotapes of the long-dead.

Still, Lonesome Road is an amazing journey, one that Fallout has been without.  This DLC is a must buy for any Fallout fan, the hours of new content, amount of exploration, and unique environments make the add-on more than worth the $ 1o it costs.  Lonesome Road lends itself to numerous play-throughs for those who want to see the different endings and the ways in which the Mojave might be affected.


  • No introductory slideshow, keeps the player wondering
  • Deep story with amazingly written dialogue
  • Unique level design and environments


  • Lack of characters to talk to
  • Lack of vendors / stores
  • No side quests
Score: 5/5
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