Fallout: New Vegas – Old World Blues Review

Fallout: New Vegas had its 3rd DLC released this week. Check out what we thought about it!


The latest DLC installment to the Mojave Wasteland takes players to a new location, the Big Empty, a technological graveyard filled with old world treasures from before the nuclear apocalypse.  Like all of New Vegas’ DLC packs, Old World Blues raises the level cap by 5 (making the maximum level 45 if you have the previous DLCs), adds new perks, weapons, armor, and other gear.  Unlike previous DLCs, this one adds a new player home base, new traits for you to choose from, the ability to change your character’s appearance, and perform a bit of life-altering surgery on yourself.  Out of the three DLCs to come so far I can safely say that Old World Blues is my favorite thus far.

Old World Blues adds several new characters and enemies alike, and provides you with the means to deal with anythingand everything trying to do you harm.  You’re given a sonic emitter pistol which can be upgraded in order to access certain areas that you would believe to be inaccessible.  Once I got the upgrade installed I went exploring the entire research facility looking for areas that I could unlock with my new weapon.  I wound up never using any of the new armor provided in the DLC as I didn’t want it to get broken in battle, the armor that I brought with me got completely broken twice, I’ve repaired it three times now since starting the pack.  With the exception of the Dead Money DLC, this is probably the hardest in terms of survival, I found myself constantly checking my health as the numerous enemies of Big MT whittled it down towards zero.  I’m told that if you play the DLC with a level 40 character you’ll breeze right through it, I might try that later on.

I wound up spending seven hours (if not more) on the DLC before I finished its story, I spent a lot of that time doing the side quests and exploring everything available to me.  Old World Blues, unlike the previous DLCs, has a great sense of humor, and I found myself laughing at certain dialogue throughout my adventures in the Big Empty.  When I finally finished the main quest I simply sat back and enjoyed the end slideshow.  The slideshow was a bit long for my tastes, although it did a great job in explaining what happened to everyone, and what the player could look forward to in the next DLC.  As with all New Vegas DLCs there are multiple ways to complete it, one that is inherently “good” and the other “evil,” all of which are mentioned in the final slideshow.  To my surprise, the slideshow mentions how much you explored, and even to what extent you finished certain side quests.  It was definitely a nice touch, showing how much effort went into this DLC.  No matter your choices and amount of exploration, you will feel a sense of relief to have escaped your imprisonment at Big MT when the final slideshow rolls.

I have a few complaints about Old World Blues, my largest would be the amount of dialogue at the beginning of the mission pack.  You’ll spend half an hour just receiving your first series of quests. Despite how much I love the Fallout universe, I was starting to become a bit bored by the copious amounts of dialogue.  Then again, by the time the conversation was over I was extremely excited to finally see some action and test out the new weapons. I would definitely recommend this DLC for any Fallout fans, the several hours of new content, the new gear, and hilarious characters is well worth the 800 Microsoft Points I paid for it.


  • New weapons, armor and gear
  • The ability to customize your character further (new traits, perks, alter your appearance, and more)
  • Great sense of humor, even disturbing at times


  • The unnecessarily long dialogue at the very beginning of the DLC
  • The equally long slideshow at the end of the DLC
  • Only a handful of quests, a few of which only take a matter of minutes to complete

Score: 4 / 5

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