Game of the Year Awards 2012

You’ve seen the big boys give out their awards now see the little guys do it. If you have no idea what Game of the Year  is, consider it the Oscar’s but for Video Games. We met for over 20 hours to hand out award winners for over 50 different categories. Stay tuned as we count down to Christmas with our awards leading to the big reveal on Christmas day. We picked what we feel are the best candidates for these categories and we hope you enjoy our picks or enjoy flaming us. I guess. This all leads to next month and every staff member’s top ten games of 2012. It’s a fun time for all of us here as we get to celebrate an industry we love.

Misc. Awards

Best 2011 Game of 2012

Best Trailer

Best Minigame

Best Unlockable in a Video Game

Best HD Collection or Port

Musical Awards

Best Instrumental Song

Best Original Song

Best Soundtrack

Best Licensed Song

Cameos Awards

Best Cameo

Best Easter Egg

Best Remake

Writing and Plot Awards

Comedy Gold Award

Best New Hero

Best Villain

Best Anti-Hero

Best Supporting Character
Sadly due to reasons beyond our control we were unable to post all the awards and even had to scrap the top tens of remaining staff members. Here are the winners though for the remaining categories

Winner: Journey
2nd: Retro City Rampage
3rd: Sound Shapes

==========Best Multiplatform Digital Release
Winner: The Walking Dead
2nd: Double Dragon Neon
3rd: Worms Revolution

==========Vita GOTY
Winner:Gravity Rush
2nd: Persona 4: The Golden
3rd: Lumines: Electronic Symphony

==========3DS GOTY
Winner: Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
2nd: Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance
3rd: Kid Icarus: Uprising

======Xbox 360 GOTY
Winner: Halo 4
2nd: Forza Horizon
3rd: Akai Katana

======PS3 GOTY
Winner:Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale
2nd: One Piece: Pirate Warriors
3rd: Twisted Metal

======Multiplatform Goty
Winner: Asura’s Wrath
2nd: Borderlands 2
3rd: Sleeping Dogs

===========Game of the Year Overall

Winner: Halo 4

2nd: Asura’s Wrath

3rd: Walking Dead







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