GOTY 2013: #7 Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag

Shiver me timbers its the our pick for 7th best

The fear with Assassin’s Creed games after III was a repeated formula Ubisoft had created seemingly by dragging Ezio’s aging corpse through as many games and cameos as possible. This fate seemed to be pretty much destiny for poor Connor but Ubisoft shook it up by not only giving us a new hero but going back in time instead of continuing to go forward. Black Flag expands upon the naval combat of the third entry and makes it a focal point. Black Flag focuses its tale on Edward Kenway who sort of just falls into the Templar and Assassin conflict. Black Flag has offered the brightest visuals in the series yet as well as expanding the hunting system from AC3. Everyone wants to be a pirate and the pirate life is definitely for us.

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About Samuel Evans

Sam is a lifelong gamer beginning his gaming with Ghostbusters for the original Atari. A former writer for VG-Force, E-Empire, and GoFanboy. He is also the creator of the Restless Gamers Podcast.