Impressions of Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD

Castlevania returns to XBLA/PSN

Impressions is our first gut reaction to demos, or trials whether we see them on the marketplace or receive them from a developer or publisher. If this isn’t the final retail version of a game we will make it clear, otherwise assume it is.

I had played around with Mirror of Fate earlier this year and I can barely identify it with the game released in HD for consoles just a few months later. The 3DS isn’t a graphics powerhouse but it isn’t a slouch either. Mirror of Fate was not very pretty on the 3DS and words like crisp would be outright lies only a few months ago. The HD version is gorgeous though, and translates beautifully to your TV screen. Another of my big problems with the 3DS version was the block button being the L button instead of the R button. While better with the 3DS XL, 3DS Vanilla owners were out of luck and would need to make their hands into claws to comfortably hit the slidepad for movement and the L button for blocking at the same time. I can admit I have not touched Lords of Shadow more than the opening stage but Mirror of Fate relies heavily on blocking, and roll dodging out of enemies way. On the 360 the experience is seamless and makes for a very enjoyable side-scrolling Castlevania.  The demo allows players to play as 2 of the 3 characters present in the game before ending the demo. Both characters at this stage of the game are pretty much the same except Simon Belmont gets ta subweapon before the demo ends. Things to note about the game is players earn EXP from enemies to learn new combos and the game has some basic metroidvania exploration equivalent to Order of Ecclesia which tried to balance between classic Castlevania and new style metroidvania. For the price of $15 I would recommend Castlevania Mirror of Fate HD.

Verdict: Buy

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