Interview with Tex (Kathleen Zuelch) from Red Vs. Blue

"Hey punk, I don't need a weapon to kill you"

In August, I met up with Kathleen Zuelch the voice of Tex from the hit machinima series Red vs. Blue.  Red Vs. Blue is a Machinima about two opposing groups The Red Team and The Blue Team who are in a constant civil war with each other.  Kathleen plays a soldier named Allison codenamed Texas, or Tex for short.  Tex is accompanied by the A.I program Omega, her armor is black and has the ability to cloak.  Even though Kathleen’s character is associated with The Blue Team, she is actually a gun for hire, and is not an official member.  Meeting up with Kathleen we got to ask  her some questions about what it’s like voicing Tex, working with the Red Vs. Blue Team, and where the direction of the show is going.

Empty Lifebar: Kathleen did you ever expect Red Vs. Blue to blow up like it did?

Kathleen (Tex): I did not expect Red Vs. Blue to blow up.  As a matter of fact when we all started it, it was just for fun.  I knew what Halo was but I just thought it was gonna be this little thing I lent my voice to for a good time, but I love the character and it has completely blown my mind.

Empty Lifebar:  What are some of your favorite voices you do on Red Vs. Blue or do you just voice Tex?

Kathleen (Tex):  I only do Tex, and then I love Sarge.  Sarge is the other voice I adore, and that’s Matt Hullum

Empty Lifebar: What are your inspirations for the characters you create in Red Vs. Blue?

Kathleen (Tex): With Tex, inspiration was the Trinity character from The Matrix movie, and Lara Croft, a little bit of the both.  She’s just a badass who uses more of her hands and feet, like martial arts.

Empty Lifebar: Is there anyone on the show you prefer working with?

Kathleen (Tex): I love them all, the guys are like brothers to me, we’re like a family.  Matt, and I have worked on films in the past so i’m really use to his working style, and Joel actually is a really good director because I hadn’t done the voice over stuff before, and he had, so when I first started he would direct me in Los Angeles, cause we lived in Los Angeles, and Bernie lived in Austin Texas.  He’s a great director, he made it easier for me to do my lines with the voice.

Empty Lifebar: Are there any Machinima series that really have your interest?

Kathleen (Tex): I  will be honest and say no, and it’s not because I don’t care, it’s just i don’t have the time to go pruising, but when fans come by though and they give me their link to something I will check it out.  I will watch others because I want to be a big  supporter for them creatively.

Empty Lifebar: Has anything happened in Red Vs. Blue with character development or story that you liked or disliked?

Kathleen (Tex): I think what I really like is in season 9, I can’t  talk about all of it, because you haven’t seen all of it yet.  But project freelancer starts explaining the back ground of Tex, and the other freelancers, I think that’s a great story arc, and I think it will kind of full circle, it’ll explain a lot of questions people have like where did Tex come from, how did she and Church meet.

Empty Lifebar: Why are you taking the show in a C.G direction?

Kathleen (Tex): I think that the guys really wanted to do moves that they couldn’t physically do in the game and that’s why i think they decided to make it more dynamic in utilizing the c.g.i  and because also bungie and 343 completely backed that and they loved the look. so it’s litmess to what we can do with the c.g.i, and i think it kinda hybrids the story, the actions going with the dialouge that’s going with the music so it makes it better all around.

Empty Lifebar: Here’s  two fun questions we like to ask people, what is your favorite video game character?

Kathleen (Tex):  my favorite video game characterrrrr is… who’s the blue lady in Halo?

Empty Lifebar: Cortana?

Kathleen (Tex): yes

Empty Lifebar: and if you could have one super power in the whole world what would it be?

Kathleen (Tex): Flying, flyyying, that’s my answer.

Empty Lifebar: Thank you very much.

Kathleen (Tex): Hey you’re welcome, it was my pleasure.


It was amazing to meet Kathleen Zuelch the person who has brought the Tex character to life in the hit Machinima series when asked Kathleen did confirm along with part of the Red team for Red Vs. Blue fans,  that the show will not be going completely C.G.I, in fact the show will be some parts machinema, and some parts C.G.I.  Everyone one at Empty Lifebar thanks Kathleen, and the Red Vs. Blue Team for the interview, and can’t wait to see the rest of what they have in store for season 9.



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