Interview with The Behemoth

The masterminds behind Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid

Everyone knows the XBLA/PSN game Castle Crashers. Many people also know the game Alien Hominid. The very strange people behind those great games are the indie developer The Behemoth. The team has been working for a while on their newest title BattleBlock Theater. Luckily, we were able to snag an interview with them for you, our readers, to enjoy.

Nick: Castle Crashers is one of the best selling, if not the best selling, XBLA games ever. Did you initially expect it to be as successful as it is?

The Behemoth: We really didn’t expect any of this. We had high hopes that the game was fun and it would be well received on the XBLA, but we never expected to break 1 million downloads, or 2 million, or even 3 million (which we will reach this year!!)

Nick: When compared to the original Beta footage of Castle Crashers you can see many differences from the version that was released. What made you decide to go with a less aggressive art design for the final product?

The BehemothWe tweak and adjust our games on a daily basis, so having drastically altered the artistic style of Castle Crashers was just all part of the process. We attend as many tradeshows as we can fit in a year; we are there to generate feedback on our playable demos of games. With Castle Crashers we were at Comic-Con, and PAX for a few years before it ever came out. Through that feedback we received from the fans, we decided to change things up, and it worked out we think, maybe?

Nick: Has Castle Crashers been influential in the development of BattleBlock Theater and, if so, in what ways?

The Behemoth: It definitely helps to look at what you’ve created already before you start developing the next thing. That seems to be more of a natural progression with anything in life, and maybe not so specific to developing games. We enjoyed the multiplayer aspects of Castle Crashers, and would hear countless stories of families, friends, and complete strangers having these great experiences that were generated from creating a fun multiplayer environment. That definitely carries over to BattleBlock Theater, as co-op is king in this game. Not to say that the single player campaign will leave you wishing for more friends or anything.

Nick: Are there any future projects, games or DLC, that we can look forward to after the release of BattleBlock Theater?

The Behemoth: After BattleBlock Theater we will probably work on Game 4. We’re also actively developing on iOS these days too, so you might see some more attempts from us in that respect.

Nick: What are some of the things that inspire the creativity in your games?

The Behemoth: The strongest point is that there is no larger presence telling us what to do, think, create. We develop purely out of the idea of making a fun experience for the fans. If the game is fun for the staff, we think it has a good chance of being fun for a larger audience. We don’t have shareholders, managers, or market research dictating how our designs and game ideas will turn out. As Mel Gibson once said, FREEEEEDOOMMMM!!

Nick: Being Indie Developers yourselves, what is your opinion on the state of Indie games right now?

The Behemoth: It’s tough to answer that with any degree of certainty. It seems as if more and more smaller teams are creating games these days, that’s a good thing. Freedom of choice and freedom to do what you want to impact people somewhere else is cool. Let’s keep doing that.

Nick: What do you think is the biggest problem with the gaming industry in today’s world?

The Behemoth: Not enough sequels.

Nick: One final question. Never before has there been a character in a game that drew in the player with such a pure and realistic display of emotion. This powerful character has captured the heart of thousands. I am of course speaking about the pooping deer. Will he or she make a return to our hearts, nay, our very souls?

The Behemoth: As long as fecal matter can propel animals at high speeds, we will be there at the forefront of pooping propulsion technology. What are we talking about again?

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