Looking Forward: Lost Dimension (PS3/PSV, Atlus)

When the world is in peril, who can you trust?

In this installment of Looking Forward, I will be previewing an upcoming release by Atlus called Lost Dimension that will be released July 28th for the Vita and the PS3.

The world is in danger, a madman simply called The End has control of nuclear weapons and plans to use them to destroy every major city in the world. You take control of Sho Kasugai, one of eleven psychics each with their own unique gift sent by the UN into his tower to stop The End. There is more to this than it seems. Your merry bunch all have a bit of selective amnesia and if that’s not enough The End reveals one important detail to you. One of your eleven is a saboteur.

Your group is now in turmoil, you must all work together to progress through this tower, doing so requires trust and cooperation, but how can you continue if you cannot trust anyone? The first floor has an assortment of missions where you fight The End’s robotic minions. After each battle you can hear the thoughts of your comrades, perhaps clues to lead you to find your traitor. You also get to talk to your newfound allies between missions. Use this to strengthen your bonds and get to know them better.

Battles require strategy. Stay grouped together and your allies will join in on attacks but that could leave your team open to enemy abilities that hurt your surrounding allies. Send someone alone and your enemies will team up as well, making quick work of the lone psychic. At the end of the first floor your team has one final task, sacrifice one of your own to move on.  A vote is held and whoever has the most votes, traitor or not, is sacrificed for the progression of your group. They leave behind a cube, leaving your remaining party members access to their skills and weapons.

Do you think you can find the traitor and stop The End all while the clock is counting down?

Tune in back at the end of July for our full review of Lost Dimension!

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