MARVEL Pinball Vengeance & Virtue DLC Review

For Asgard!

Last year ZEN Studios released Marvel Pinball to the world. Now, 12 months later, they have unleashed Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue. The pack contains Thor, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider and X-Men tables and is definitely a “super” pack.

The first table of the pack, Thor, pits you against some of Thor’s greatest foes as you shoot, flip and bump your way to victory. Immediately noticeable is Jormungand, the Midgard Serpent, spewing fire and Loki standing at the end of the table right near the Golden Castle of Asgard. As you hit a trigger three times and spell out uru (the Asgardian metal that Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, is made of) it opens a path along the rainbow bridge to Asgard. The rainbow bridge is your access to the missions on the table. The mechanics of the table work very well and the missions are all very enjoyable. The voices are all done fairly well which is rare for Thor. The design really makes you feel like you are right there with Thor battling for good. The table isn’t too hard and can be enjoyed by novices and pros alike.

Next up is Moon Knight’s table and it is an interesting one. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Moon Knight, he is a mercenary-turned-hero and has multiple personalities. This makes for a very different experience on this table from what you have seen before. You, of course, face off against some of Moon Knight’s greatest enemies on the table and some of the confrontations lead to some pretty funny moments. One of my favorite things on this table is just watching Bushman creep up behind him and smack him in the back; I don’t know why but I find it absolutely hilarious. The table also has a lot of touches added to it to make you feel like you are within a comic book, even adding a “smack” every now and again. You also see Moon Knight basically argue with himself at times. The missions are fun on the table and, as you would expect from ZEN Studios, everything works extremely well. Overall, the table is one of the more basic looking tables in the pack but it is a blast. Everything about the table just looks very unique and the only true negative is that there is a lot of silver everywhere.

The third table in the pack is Ghost Rider. I will be honest, going in I had very low expectations for a table for one of my least favorite heroes but I was very pleasantly surprised. The table itself has a very hellish design, with things that would maim a normal man littering it. The area behind the table looks like you are playing in Lucifer’s house on this table of fire and brimstone. At the center of this nightmarish table is Lucifer standing tall. He torments you as you try to help Ghost Rider and also is how you start missions. He also can let you try to “catch the flaming ball” for massive amounts of points that change depending on whether or not you chose to have Ball Save on. There is also a shotgun at the bottom of the table that you can use to launch you pinball out of. I honestly cannot think of any way they could make this table better and still have it suit Ghost Rider as perfectly as it does. My only complaint about the table is that it seems very crowded.

Last but not least is the X-Men table. This table, while very unique and cool, is probably the least enjoyable of the four. The table itself is within Cerebro and is as X-Men as it could get, with you protecting Prof. X against the evil Magneto. Everything about the table visually is completely gorgeous from the Ice chutes from Ice Man to the launcher that is Cyclops’ optic beam. The classic X-Men blue and yellow/gold is shown off all over the place but isn’t overwhelming. Each mission changes the look of the pinball; for instance, when you are doing a mission with Phoenix and Cylcops one ball is on fire and the other has a bright red glow. Its fun, don’t get me wrong, but when compared to the other tables it is the weak link. The voices aren’t too bad expect for Prof. X, who sounds like a 21 year old trying to sound like an old man and completely failing at it. That and the more boring design (when compared to other tables in the pack)are the table’s two biggest downfalls.

Marvel Pinball: Vengeance & Virtue is one of my favorite packs to date. The tables are all like nothing seen before and give tons of enjoyment with pretty damn good voice acting for the most part. The mechanics all work very well and the missions are fun. The pack is available now at the very fair price of 800 ($10) and is well worth purchasing for pinball and comic books fans alike.


  • Unique tables
  • Tables fit the heroes very well


  • Some of the voice acting is not the greatest


Score: 5/5

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