More Final Fight Characters!

Even more fighters added to the Street Fighter side! What will Tekken do to fight back?

At Comic Con 2011, a new trailer for Street Fighter x Tekken was shown. The trailer shows Tekken’s King power bombing who seems to be Mike Hagger from Final Fight. Afterwards, King is joined by Murdock to fight against Hugo while Poison, who stays on the sidelines, watches the handicap match. It looks like Hugo is also being added to Street Fighter’s roster. As the trailer ends, you see Final Fight’s Cody and Guy making their way to the ring. (First time they’re being shown as well!) 4 more characters for Street Fighter’s roster! Who will Tekken add to their side to fight back?

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About Alfred Trujillo

Alfred is a hardcore fan of Rock Band, Street Fighter and FPS games. Alfred can destroy almost any game put in front of him with little difficulty. His greatest challenge is still conquering his fear of sporks.