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I have been doing a lot of soul searching on how to move this site forward. This site began as the continuation of work from another site and a team […]

I have been doing a lot of soul searching on how to move this site forward. This site began as the continuation of work from another site and a team dynamic that was working so well. After 3 years the site had lost most of its writers. Everyone had moved on in different ways which left me to turn the lights out on this wonderful website. I actually went to write for our friends at Our Xbox World on their new site Chomp On This Gaming. I basically came on as they were making a last push to stay afloat because the team dynamic was falling apart. As that site fell I briefly tried my hand at Youtube and Twitch but writing is what I wanted to do. It’s why I started freelancing all those years ago. I see the place for Youtube and Twitch, but I have to hope the written word has some purpose still.

We re-branded before covering the smaller games but now I want to bring you a different kind of review. It’s halfway between a review and a retrospective piece that goes into details on games that you may not be comfortable reading unless you have beaten said game, have no interest in playing it, or spoilers don’t effect you. The first game I’m going to address in this new piece is Final Fantasy XIII, an often panned game that former writer Nick Gearhart gave 5 stars too. So yeah, we have covered this game but did we actually cover this game and break it apart to see what is inside or did we simply sugarcoat the details by dancing around giant spoilers that really make or break the entire experience. The aim is to have 1-2 of these review retrospective pieces up each week.

The other thing I want to do but I can’t guarantee how often they will happen is interviews. It’s something I have been wanting to do for years but kept putting off. I’ll be making the attempt to get some interviews and hopefully provide questions that are worth your time to read. My goal here is to ask questions outside of the norm but keeping it relevant and interesting to you. The only hitch is the interview is reliant on getting people to interview.

As for the Facebook page, it will continue to be a news outlet for gaming and I promise to keep that more up to date with what is going on in the gaming world. I could fill this site with news no one will read but for the second people will glance at one of those articles I might as well take that to Facebook where honestly people will see it.

So this is the direction I think Empty Lifebar deserves. Although if you have interest in writing for Empty Lifebar email me a sample at sevans@emptylifebar.com . People have a really good track record of finding success after sticking with me for a bit.

-Samuel Evans

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About Samuel Evans

Sam is a lifelong gamer beginning his gaming with Ghostbusters for the original Atari. A former writer for VG-Force, E-Empire, and GoFanboy. He is also the creator of the Restless Gamers Podcast.