Pinball FX 2: Star Wars Pinball DLC Review

On a pinball table far, far away....

It seems that there is no one better at digital Pinball than Zen Studios. After stellar tables like Ms. ‘Splosion Man and the Captain America table (heck, all the Marvel tables really), it seemed like they could do nothing bigger. However, they have now released three Star Wars tables for players to get their hands on.

The first of the trio is Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In case you aren’t familiar with what that is, it’s an animated series the Cartoon Network showed for a while. The table is very easy to score on so its great for padding your Wizard Score. It is very fast and there is a lot of chutes and ramps pretty much everywhere on the table. It’s probably the easiest of the three and the sound effects are very nice. Both skillful shots and just shots to keep things going will help you score.

Secondly, we have Boba Fett’s table. This table is, in my opinion, the hardest of the set. It’s very open but rewards you for keeping things moving. The table itself is pretty much a nostalgia-fest. From a carbonite Han Solo spinner to the Sarlacc Pit. The missions on this table aren’t overly hard but do take a bit more precision than just standard scoring, naturally. Each missions is a bounty that you must pursue. It’s really cool to watch what I could only really describe as a cut scene between Boba and Jabba when you accept new bounties.

star wars pinball 2

Last but not least we have the Star Wars Episode V table. Its amazing to see arguably one of the best movies of all time come to life in Pinball FX 2. The table takes a lot of precision to do, well, anything so you better hope you are good enough to bull’s-eye womp rats in your T-16 (okay, I feel a little bad about that but I don’t care). The voice acting of this table is fantastic and the missions are even better as they are able to put iconic scenes from the movie on the table without it seeming too out of place. For example, one of my favorite missions involves you shooting the pinball around a track to tie up the legs of an AT-AT to topple it.

Star Wars Pinball is fantastic and I can definitely see myself coming back again and again to try to overtake my score. The gameplay is just as solid as any other Pinball FX 2 table and the work put into bringing the movie to the tables really shows. Honestly, I think even a non-fan of the series (so long as they don’t despise Star Wars) would enjoy the tables because they are just that fun.

What We Love:

  • The tables truly capture the feel of Star Wars
  • Great physics and special effects

What We Hate:

  • I dislike the announcer for Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Score: 5/5

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