Pinball FX 2: Zen Classics DLC Review

Previously unavailable on Xbox Live, the masters of pinball tables, Zen Studios, has finally released 4 new (to us) tables to the Xbox audience. V12, Tesla, Shaman and El Dorado […]

Previously unavailable on Xbox Live, the masters of pinball tables, Zen Studios, has finally released 4 new (to us) tables to the Xbox audience. V12, Tesla, Shaman and El Dorado are the “new” tables to join the rest of the tables on one of the most addicting arcade games to date. The tables are from Zen Pinball which is available on Android, iOS, PSN and 3DS.

One immediately noticeable thing about these tables is that they are dated. While they aren’t bad tables, they just don’t have that greatness that you see with more recent tables from Zen Studios. That said, the tables are still very enjoyable and a nice addition. The tables have also all been reworked to work well with Pinball FX 2. As always, the actual game play is very well done. You rarely, if ever, feel like the game is cheating you in some way. The physics of the ball are done very well and, just like every other Pinball FX 2 table, even though it doesn’t feel 100% realistic, they work extremely well for how the tables are designed.

V12 is a table that draws its design from American muscle cars. The table is very flashy with classic muscle car colors and features different parts of an engine as the obstacles, ramps, etc. The sound effects are awesome if you’re a car guy/gal. The table does however feel a tad bit…empty. Its still enjoyable for aesthetic reasons but as far as a “fun” factor goes, its not the best in the pack.

Tesla is, as the name implies, inspired by the inventor Nikola Tesla. The table looks like it is straight out of his head and is my personal favorite of this pack. The challenges are fun and the table is a blast. There are a few minor things that some players may have problems with but nothing that is truly a negative to the table.


Shaman is a very…cultured table. It is based on rituals that you would think of when you think about Shamans and Witch Doctors. The visuals of the table are very nicely done and you feel like you actually accomplish something when you summon the different disasters. The disasters aren’t crazy effects like what you see in some of the more recent tables like Ms. Splosion Man but instead they give a very classic pinball table vibe.

Lastly we have El Dorado. This table is almost like their version of an Indiana Jones table. I personally thought this was one of the weaker tables of the bunch. They were able to hit the nail on the head when it comes to that ancient temple feeling. There are many ramps and chutes throughout the table and, while I did call it one of the weaker tables, it is in no real way bad.

Zen Studios delivers once again. The table truly do have a “classic” feel to them and if you love the more realistic tables while still wanting that flair that only Zen can bring, this pack is definitely worth picking up. Its nice to finally see the tables make their way over from the other platforms. These tables may not overall be as good as some of the other ones available, but are definitely at least trying out for anyone who is a fan of Pinball FX 2.


  • A very classic feeling experience
  • Tesla is phenomenal


  • V12 is a fairly weak table
  • If you are looking for tables similar to some of the more recent ones this pack isn’t for you


Score: 4/5

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