Ratings System

0 = A candidate for the worst game of all time, not a single thing works

1 = Seems unplayable, fundamentally broken. It is also a failure in almost every single aspect of game design.

2 = The game is sort of playable but words like fun factor are foreign concepts

3 = The game is playable but you might raise an eyebrow at me telling you that. Most ideas are poorly thought out or terribly executed.

4 = Still playable but it isn’t fun and has even a few game breaking aspects.

5 = The game is completely average. It is bland and forgettable.

6 = A good game with a bunch of small problems

7 = A good game with a few small problems.

8 = A great game, not GOTY great but something memorable and fun that makes you want more.

9 = A candidate for game of the year, if I was picking my top games of the year, this would be in the top 3-5 depending on how good the year is. These games are not perfect.

10 = A fantastic game. Not every game can be on the top of the hill but these games can see the top without even having to squint. The bad points here are so nitpicky they are barely worth spending time over. Some might have these games in their greatest of all time lists.

About the Author

Sam is a lifelong gamer beginning his gaming with Ghostbusters for the original Atari. A former writer for VG-Force, E-Empire, and GoFanboy. He is also the creator of the Restless Gamers Podcast.