Resident Evil 6 Review

It's been about 3 years since the last installment of Capcom's Resident Evil series to follow with its story. As the story continued, we noticed that the series itself goes through some changes with its gameplay which most fans did not like.

It’s been about 3 years since the last installment of Capcom’s Resident Evil series to follow with its story. As the story continued, we noticed that the series itself goes through some changes with its gameplay which most fans did not like. Some would say the game isn’t Resident Evil anymore and that it isn’t a scary game. With Capcom finally releasing Resident Evil 6, we now question if the game went back to its ways? Is it a Survival Horror game? Are there zombies in this one? Well, there’s only one way to find out.

A new Virus is afoot and who is there to stop it? Time to bring back a few familiar faces from the RE series to fight this brand new C-Virus. Racoon City survivor Leon Kennedy finds himself at the gun ready to shoot a zombified President who’s about to eat agent Helena Harper. Chris Redfield, former Captain of BSAA doesn’t remember a thing that has happened and is now being brought back by his new partner Piers Nivans to fight against the Bio terrorist attack. Mercenary Jake Muller is picked up by an Agent who happens to be a grown up Sherry Birkin. She discovers that Jake has antibodies for C-Virus and needs to bring him back to create a vaccine with his blood.

You take the perspective of one of the teams and see their part of the story. You can also choose which character you want to be even if you decide on playing by yourself. Each story holds 5 long chapters to playthrough with no breaks in between (No chapter 3-1, 3-2, ect.). The game does save your progress from where you leave off in a chapter but this still presents a problem, if you’re going back for something specific in a chapter, you will most likely have to play through most of the chapter to get that point in chapters that can take to almost an hour to finish. That’s great from a fun factor for your first time through, but at times you just find whatever you’re doing in them to get repetitive and boring and want the chapter to end.

The different sides of the story aren’t the same as some just look like there was more work put into them than others but the dialogue seems to be lacking in all the stories. There’s also a small amount cut scenes. The whole story itself just doesn’t seem like its there, not much is explained on why and how all of these people got to where they are. When you’re done with Campaign, though, there is always Mercenary Mode and the new Agent Hunt mode that allows you to take control of a creature to kill other players.

Gameplay has stayed the same in some points and made a few improvements in others. Just like RE5 you still have the 3rd person except now when you aim, the red dot of your gun is now surrounded by a crosshair. The crosshair is there to point out where your red will be as each time the gun is shot, the red moves around a bit and doesn’t stay in the middle. Normally to do a melee attack on an enemy you need to daze them first, however RE6 now lets you do melee attacks on command to knock enemies back. Don’t punch and kick too much, though, or your Combat Gauge will run out. If it runs out, your character can’t Sprint or be able throw out a melee until it refills. Other action that wear out the Combat Gauge is the new Quick Shot which lets you shoot an enemy near by without having to aim. Perfect for those situations when there are too many enemies around you.

At some point these Infected People finally learn to use guns against you but never fear, RE6 now has its own cover system. If they prefer to use a close up tactic then you have the option to dodge on the spot or simply jump out of the way on command. Hold down the aiming while doing so and you’ll stay on the ground to shoot from there. If you don’t end up doing that, there are chances that you’ll take to many hits a stumble to the ground. At this point you can either hold down your aim to start firing or recover from the stumble (depending on how much of an impact you took).

A great new feature to the combat is its Recovery system. Once you run out of health you’re put into a last stand state and must shoot enemies away from you to keep yourself alive. Once you get back up you need to heal yourself; one more hit and you’re dead.

No longer do you have to just aim and plant yourself in one spot; you can now move around as you have the gun aimed. As you can see, there is a lot of action added for the characters. Those familiar with RE4 and 5’s gameplay will easily adapt.

Remember back and in the old days when running out of ammo was a thing? In RE6 you are bound to run out of ammo in a matter of minutes. That feeling of fighting with what you have is back! I’m the type of person who doesn’t use grenades in RE but in many situations I found myself having to use the grenades to get rid of what’s in front of me. Now you’re sort of forced to use all the other weapons at your disposal leaving no weapon unused. Although, one weapon that you probably won’t use unless you seriously run out of everything is the combat knife. To me, the knife has become completely useless (Might not wanna try doing a Knife challenge on this game). Not only that but not all playable characters have the combat knife to use.

If you are one of the players who loved upgrading weapons, forget about it because its a thing of the past. Throughout the campaign you have to rely on the power the weapons normally have. Instead of upgrading you get to unlock Skills which gives little perks like Firearm power increase, Infinite Ammo on a specific gun, ect. You get to have up to 8 different sets to equip 3 skill in each. During the campaign, you can switch between the Sets. Each time you go through the Campaign you’ll notice enemies drop a few skill points every now and then and killing some of the tougher ones earns you more skill points. I honestly don’t understand why upgrading weapons would be taken out as that gave the game lots of replayability. Trying to unlock all these skills does give it that but most of these skills you’d probably prefer not to use as there are other that are useful overall.

With each of the stories taking place in different locations there will be times where the stories will merge for one section of the game and allow for more than 2 people in a game. These sections don’t last very long as its for a brief boss fight then the teams separate. When you progress in a chapter and load up an area where you can have 4 person co-op, a message pops up searching for other players.

Online co-op now allows each player to grab their own set of items. Don’t worry about fighting for ammo anymore. When playing co-op online, if you join someones game, the difficulty for you is determine by the last difficulty you played on. In a way, the co-op works like Gear of War where each player can play on different difficulties. If you decide to play solo instead, the AI in RE6 seems like they actually back you and put up a fight. You don’t have to worry about the computer dying because in single player, your partner can die.

As someone who is okay with the way RE4 and 5 ended up, I think RE6 seriously just cut off whatever Resident Evil is supposed to be. If anyone has played the public demo for RE6, its sad to say that that’s about the best you’re gonna get buying this game. After playing through all of the stories, it just seriously feels like a long demo. It’s lacking the story which at this point seems like its Capcom’s way of leaving a ton of stuff out to add it later as DLC. The very little cut scenes in this game are dramatic as hell with only one or two of them that were average. The normal infected you encounter are okay for the most part. Yes, there are actual  zombies but for only one person’s story, Leon. Not even the boss fights in this game are anything special. The game really does feel very unfinished. The gameplay is solid with the changes and improvement but what about the rest of the game? Overall, this isn’t worth the full price even if your curious on the game’s story; better to wait. The best RE6 can be classified as is just a mindless fun game that lasts you for one playthrough of a campaign; after that, you might just end up dropping the game altogether.

  • Move around when Aiming
  • Recovery
  • Now you can dodge

  • Story could have been way better
  • Long Chapters with no breaks
  • No weapons to Upgrade.

Score: 3/5

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