The 10 Memorable Things From Donkey Kong Country 3

So many collectibles to remember

When we think of a game from our childhood or maybe even a couple of years ago different things come to mind. Maybe a level stuck out for you, a weapon, or a boss that drove you nuts. For me, these are the ten things that stuck out in my memory from the SNES title Donkey Kong Country 3, maybe you and I even have a few in common?


10. Bears

These guys were only memorable because you had to take time out of platforming to get them items or have them fix stuff to press forward. Also these guys have their own currency which is silver which is weak compared to glorious Kong Gold Banana Coins from DKC2. Also a lot of them stick out in my memory as foriegner bears.


9. Banana Bird Caves

The reward for all of them might be a pretty weird and out of place secret ending but getting the birds is the more memorable part. You would traverse the world map and then once you find a Banana Bird cave you had to play a game of Simon. As a kid I remember these being pretty easy until right before the end of the game. Match the colors to your SNES buttons and bam you had a pointless yellow bird that would stalk Wrinkly Kong.


8. Lost World: Krakoa

The lost world in two was challenging but DKC3 was murder. To even get the damn world to appear you had to perfect circle around a rock formation three to five times until the world rose from the sea. It was an annoying task to do considering the poor controls of the water craft in the game and the limits of a snes controller doing loops. The submarine final boss option was supposed to be harder I guess, I had more nightmares with the Rope level in Krakoa.



The boss of the factory island to the north of the map. This is his first form, his second looks slimmer with a skull head. This boss always seemed lazy to me and it is more of a reason why I remember it, The big secret here is DK and Diddy are inside of it powering it with their life force, which is pretty stupid. KAOS, I only remember you because you’re uninspired.


6.Bonus Games

Cranky Kong served as our bad advice guy and our hint guy. In this game…Rare had no idea what to do with him and made him our competition for Bonus games at Swanky’s. I can’t remember being terribly fond of the Bonus games but they are good preparation for our #5.


5. Bleak

I hope you got good at Swanky’s Bonus chucking cause here is a whole boss fight devoted to it. This fight is pretty annoying mostly because the throwing mechanic is so terrible. Thinking about it now I’d kill for one of the weapons introduced in DK64. Bleak would return in Donkey Kong Land III and be fought like a traditional boss in that game.


4. Koin

DK Koins were introduced in DKC2 and were hidden and out of the way. In DKC3 we get this Koin knight defender guy. He is a kremling with a bucket on his head and a shield. Normally the DK koin is filling the empty shield you see in the picture. You use those steel kegs to throw behind him and get the koin to drop. Alot of the later levels are downright frustrating to collect them in. There are versions of this Kremling that chase the Kongs found in later levels and in the portable Donkey Kong Country 3 some levels you can beat Koin with a simple Barrel or TNT Barrel.


3. Ellie the Elephant

Like her or hate her she was the sad realization that Rambi was missing. A first level of a DKC game without Rambi is just sad face :(. Ellie later gets to show off her…shooting water ability. In this stage she only picks up barrels with her trunk. She literally sucks. New animals are fine if you don’t murder the old ones! After this game Ellie would only be seen in one of the Donkey Konga titles as a background character.

lightninglookout2. Lightning Look Out

I might be alone on this one but screw¬† this level. Like most DKC levels, if not all, its a one time seen gimmick. The gimmick here is lightning is fucking haunting your monkey ass on the second to last stage before your fight with K Rool. It shows a warning before it strikes and then lets you have it, but the monkey duo is too slow to dodge this unless at a full run. There is no time to stop ever during this level and never ever ever go in the water as that’s instant death if lightning struck nearby. My biggest issue is the hit detection for the lightning is flat out bad hitting you when you should be safe from damage. The GBA version extends the break between lightning strikes which helps a little.


1. Barbaros

Seriously this guy is a pain in the ass. He stands out for me as the worst and most memorable thing about this game. One of EmptyLifeBar’s own writers Alfred Trujillo never even saw the last world cause he wasn’t worth their trouble. If you never played this far into Donkey Kong Country 3 he is the boss of the second to last world and is one of those not fun at all animal transformation fights. you have to Enguarde stab the big oyster with a charge strike. Barbaros also has these annoying needles to avoid. It isn’t a surprise the boss was moved to the new optional world in the GBA port

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