The Darkness II Review

Embrace the Darkness again

Dismembering corpses, eating hearts and losing your mind, all in a days work for Jackie Estacado. Oh, and also being hounded by an ancient organization hell bent on ripping the darkness out of him and controlling the world. So get ready, because it’s time to embrace the darkness once again.

The Darkness 2 takes place two years after the original. Jackie, now a don in the mafia  has been able to hold back the Darkness until he is attacked at a restaurant. Facing death, Jackie agrees to release the Darkness in order to find out who was ballsy enough to attack him, and to ream their flesh from their miserable bones. He finds out that it was a secret organization known as the Brotherhood that attacked him, and their goal is t kill the host, Jackie, and take the Darkness for their own nefarious deeds. So now Jackie has to worry about dealing with the Brotherhood, keeping the Darkness in check, and his own mental stability. At least he has a host of new abilities to help him along the way.

Jackie has learned a few new tricks since we last saw him, like the ability to quad wield. Quad wielding works like this, LT is controls the gun in your left hand and RT controls the one in your right, then LB controls your left darkness tentacle and RB controls your right one. The LB button is your grab button. With this you are able to pick up a variety of different things; like car doors, boxes, parking meters and even people. Car doors can be used as shields, and can also be thrown at enemies. Parking meters can be used to impale people to walls, columns, other people, etc. Boxes main functionality is to stun enemies, while also mildly annoying them. The RB button in the melee button. Melee can be used to stun enemies or to slice them to bits. How melee works is actually very interesting, you are able to slash in a variety of directions using the right stick in conjunction with the RB. The Darkness 2 is quite gruesome when it come to melee, but the executions are what really take the brutality cake.

When you stun someone you are able to grab them and execute them. Where you grab them determines the execution. For example, if you grab a man by his feet then hit the A button, then you do a wishbone. There are a total of twelve different executions, three per face button. You are only given access to the A button execution at first, but are able to unlock the others by putting points into skill trees. Each face button execution also has its own special attribute too, after upgrading them of course. You are also given access to other powers, like infusing your guns with darkness energy and spewing flies out of the demon head tentacles. You are also given access to powers in co-op.

The co-op story in The Darkness 2 runs parallel to the main campaign. In co-op, you play one of four characters, each bearing a mystical item imbued with darkness energy. Each character plays differently, and each one also is their own darkness abilities and their own skill tree. First there is Jimmy, a Scotsman with a magical Dark Axe that he able to throw and call back. Then there is JP Dumond, a doctor who dabbles in Louisiana Voodoo and uses a staff called the Midnight Stick. After that is Shoshanna, a Mossad agent who wields a magical gun called the Arm of the Night. Last but not least there is Inugami, a troubled Japanese swordsman who carries the Katana Kusanagi.

I loved the first Darkness, so naturally I had high expectations when delving into the sequel. I am happy to say that my expectations were not only met, they were blown away. The Darkness 2 is a fantastic game filled with gore, insanity, gore, clever twists and more gore. This game is not for those that have a weak constitution or are faint of heart. So for those of you that don’t mind gut wrenching carnage, then the Darkness 2 is definitely for you.


  • Executions
  • Fun co-op
  • Great Story


  • No split screen co-op
  • Not Original Voice Cast

Score: 5/5

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