Top 5 Character Haircuts That Only Look Good in Video Games

Over time there have been some pretty awesome haircuts in video games...not all of them should be brought into real life.

Let’s face facts, everyone has at least one video game character who they think has such awesome hair that it would be amazing to have it. Final Fantasy is a franchise that people cosplay characters from all the time because of things like that. While in theory these haircuts may seem awesome, when they are actually brought into real life they don’t normally work out. Today, we’re gonna take a look at some of the haircuts that should remain in the realm of video games.

Heihachi Mishima’s Wings (TEKKEN)

I’m not even sure what to call this thing Heihachi calls a haircut. It looks almost as if a mad scientist had the middle of his head shaved clean. This haircut looks freaking awesome in Tekken but when you see it in reality it looks extremely dumb. The weird wing-shaped blades that protrude out of the side of Heihachi’s head take number 5 on our list.

Akuma (Street Fighter)

Akuma’s hair looks almost as if you took Dragonball Z’s Super Sayain hair and dyed it red. His hair goes fantastically with the demon look that Capcom has portray. The only problem with his hair is that when put into a real world scenario it just makes him look like a Troll and not in the cool sense, in the little kids’ toy sense. Akuma’s hair receives the number 4 spot for the pure hilarity of it in real life.

Daryan Crescend’s Pompadour (Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney)

The pompadour, a haircut that only ever looked good on two men, Elvis Presley and The Fonz. Even back when it was popular it still looked ridiculous, so how do you make it even more crazy? The answer is extend it into a 2 foot long fox-tail looking thing. While in the game the hair fits the humorous feel, it was obviously never intended for real life use. The complete impracticality and overall ridiculousness of pompadours in general are what give Daryan’s hair the number 3 spot on our list.

Seymour Guado’s Blades (Final Fantasy X)

Final Fantasy’s Seymour Guado is the owner of one of gaming history’s gravity defying haircuts. Seymour’s hair oddly looks better with the random spikes shooting from it but also looks as if it was originally the design of an extremely intricate weapon.  When attempted to be recreated outside of a CGI environment, it just looks like a case of overusing hair gel. Seymour’s blue, weapon-like hair hits our list at number 2.

Solid Snake’s Mullet (Metal Gear Solid)

What could follow Seymour’s hair? The only possible answer is history’s worst haircut, the Mullet. Never in the history of mankind has the Mullet ever been a cool hairstyle. While Solid Snake may be one of the most badass heroes in video game history, his hair is a completely different story. Snake’s headband is the only reason why his Mullet is even slightly cool, the reason for this? It distracts from the fact that his hair is indeed cut in a Mullet. While many celebrities have rocked the Mullet, including Billy Ray Cyrus and Kanye West, not even famous icons can pull it off. The fact that not a single person has ever been able to successfully pull off a Mullet and make it look awesome is the reason that Solid Snake’s hair takes the number 1 spot on the list.

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