Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception Review

Hey look Nate I found treasure

Drake’s Deception is the third installment in the critically acclaimed Naughty Dog franchise, Uncharted.  This new tale has Drake dealing with his beginning as a treasure hunter, how he met Sully, as well as  finally finding out why that ring around Nathan’s neck is so important other than it belonged to his ancestor Sir Francis Drake.  This game has been one of PlayStation 3’s corner stone games since the first Uncharted was released in November of 2007, and has done nothing but improve itself with every sequel.

Uncharted 3 takes Nathan Drake, Sully, a few new faces and a lot of old ones around the world once again on a non stop action adventure trip.  This time instead of Naughty Dog taking the Uncharted crew to a lush dangerous jungle, or Freezing high altitudes in the Himalayas. This time they have taken the gang from London, all the way to the far middle east, to the beautiful yet deadly, and desolate Sahara Desert, for an unknown treasure in a city that was thought to be lost to the sands millenniums ago.  The only clues which Nate and his friend have to go, is that of Nate’s ancestor Sir Francis Drake, which he had left hoping time would have forgotten about.

The gameplay in Uncharted 3 is absolutely beautiful, though it does take sometime before the game gets to a grand epic scale, where as the previous games were beyond stunning right off the bat.  With Drake’s Deception it felt like it took a bit of time for it to reach that captivating level of gameplay of it’s predecessors, still the gameplay is beyond that of a lot of other games, and even though it took a bit of time to warm up to what Uncharted fans expect from the series, it still had moments early on where the highly interactive gameplay and scenery wouldn’t let your attention go.  These plus intense gun battles, and sneaking missions will keeping you coming back till around half way through the game when it set its hook in, and you’re completely caught up in it.

The controls of the game really felt similar to the previous Uncharted games.  Though some things have been touched upon to create a more finessed feel, so when running across ruins, and jumping inconceivable gaps, it’s easier as well as quicker than in the other two entries.  There really isn’t much that Naughty Dog can do to improve on the controls of this series especially when it’s the creme de le creme in almost all it’s aspects.

Uncharted has been one of those games that has always been noticed for voice acting along with incredible climatic music, which suits every scene in the game as you progress from beginning to end.  In Uncharted 3 the voice actors have gone beyond themselves from the work that they’ve done in the past.  This is one game where you’ll think you’re watching a movie during the cut scenes, mostly part of that being because the voice acting, synchronization with the lip movement, and the actors dialogue interaction with the action scenes is phenomenal.  The one thing I did notice is that the score for Uncharted 3 actually blended beautifully together with the gameplay at really outstanding points in the game, so much that I actually went back to play the levels over again and felt like I was actually controlling a movie.

The one thing that did surprise me was how much heart Naughty Dog put into the levels and gameplay for multiplayer, I haven’t felt so compelled to play an online competitive part of a game since Left 4 Dead.  The levels are highly interactive, there is one level where you will be riding two separate trains that change in elevation between the two, this is an amazing example of the heart Naughty Dog put into the multiplayer. You can hop between these trains at different points, until you come to a stop at the station and have a stationary map to move around and duel in.  These levels mixed in with free running type climbing that challenges Assassin’s Creed and a third person shooting gameplay, adds multiple possibilities. The multiplayer also has unique perks, weapon upgrades, along with a huge assortment of accessories for customizing your multiplayer avatar. Naughty Dog has also added in a few co-op multiplayer modes that are similar to that of horde from gears of war 3, but more entertaining. This makes the replay value of Uncharted 3 a lot higher.  The only downside to the multiplayer is going into a match at rank 1 to see yourself  up against a team of 30s and higher, there is no real matchmaking system present when putting the players together which can be very one sided in matches at times.

Uncharted 3 is probably one of the funnest games of 2011 and it will have you wanting to replay it over and over just to see some of the scenes that only Naughty Dog could have put together, if that’s still not enough uncharted for you then there’s always the amazing multiplayer mode that will keep you enthralled for hours.  Although Naughty Dog has come a long way from Crash Bandicoot, and has blown the gaming world out of the water with the Uncharted series some small little irritations still seem to fallow them in which it is very easy at some points to get caught on stupid piece of the level that seem very avoidable.  This being one little thing that should not deter people from playing a game that actually sets standards in the gaming community.


  • Interactive scenes that will make your jaw drop
  • An epic story that will have you crying from laughter and sadness
  • Some new faces and old ones from the very first Uncharted


  • Getting caught up on stupid obstructions in levels while running
  • Having trouble sometimes telling where a cut scene ends and playing starts
  • This being the third Uncharted in the series leaves fears that the next one will be Uncharted Racing

Rating: 5/5


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