Warriors: Legends of Troy finally available for North American Xbox 360 users

For the first time on American Xbox 360s

KOEI’s take on the battle of Troy, titled Warriors: Legends of Troy, never had a North American Xbox 360 release and was, for a long time, PS3 exclusive here. Now, for Xbox 360 users who have been wanting to experience it, it is now available via Games on Demand. The game joins a growing list of KOEI titles on games on demand for Hack ‘n’ Slash lovers to enjoy. The download will cost you $29.99 (or 2400 MSP).

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Nick is the Co-Owner of Empty Life Bar and a former writer for Game Play Today. Nick can never say no to the challenge of a newly released JRPG. No matter the quality he'll trudge through it. Twitter: https://twitter.com/mingledorff