Week Over Yeah! 12/15

Time to kick back and drink lemonade

We are almost ready to showoff our GOTY big winners and Hannukah’s just ended with Christmas around the corner. Most college students are wrapping up the fall semester and the high schoolers are counting down the days. So in this crucial junction in December I gotta know what EmptyLifeBar’s staff is up to.

AJ Lysiak: I’m planning to make some progress in Assassin’s Creed 3. That’s really it!

Nick Gearhart: I’ve been digging the Karaoke app on XBL and might do a bit of singing. Other than that, I’ll most likely play some Halo 4 and continue to work on finishing my Pioneer Specialization.

John Soto III: YDKJ came out for iOS so I plan in seeing how dumb I am. Also plan on testing my gaming PC with some Batman AA.

Erik Rodriguez: Gonna swallow my frustration and make progress in NSMBU

Sean Talarico: This weekend I am going to be going to see the Hobbit in 3d. After that I may check in on Lord of The Rings Online for the first time in a few years.

Brandon Hatos: Working, working out, later tonight hopefully going to go see Argo or silver lining play book, play some halo 4, and black ops 2 while having a drink with a few buddies. Then Sunday yoga and rest.

Samuel Evans: Consider this odd but I’m going to grind out my remaining kills left still in Castlevania HD. I also have my eye on returning to Skyrim finally.

George Alex: N/A

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